Monday, October 17, 2011

a book at face value.

i've sort of been toying with this idea in my head: a book of peoples faces.  its sort of like the ultimate scrap book.  pictures of all your friends and little captions.  you can have your copy of book of faces updated by simply sending your book into the company. we'll have it updated and returned to you in five business days with little or no cost to you. shrug. we hope to come out with a digital/online version.  not entirely sure if it will catch on though.  We've already got a demo/test group going.  it seems they've changed the focus of the site from scrapbooking to 'chattin'.  they have added more than one hundred people to their friends list...does anyone really know 100 people well enough to have full access to their scrapbook and captions?
its a different world out there....this new generation. they value themselves in the number of 'friends' they have. they are taken at face value and nothing else.