Saturday, July 16, 2011

yard sailing, boats of the land.

for some reason getting up at an unspeakably early hour on a saturday is fine, so long as you're having a yard sale. who knew? ...i knew and tried desperately to will the yard sale out of existence. no such luck. though as i rummaged through our yard sale merchandise, i happened upon a few old world vintro treasures. i am now the proud owner of a polaroid camera, which has always been a wish of mine. good things might even happen to you sometime. shrug.
i try and take picturesque pictures. its a fifty fifty chance. catching people off guard and snapping their photo is the only true way of capturing the moment. the downside is they are often not picturesque do to my own shortcomings.
for future reference, the word vintro is a combination of the words retro and vintage, this only concerns you if you are in fact reading this blog. even if you are, i can't guarantee i'll use the word again.
to make up for the blandness of this post and the non-existant contrast between this and the one before, i think i'll leave you with a song, maybe you'll even listen to it. then maybe you'll like it and have to have it for your own. but, this is all theoretically speaking.  sometimes, i get carried away.

Friday, July 15, 2011


cloning people is an odd concept. sometimes i think about it. and to me, books are clones of people.  authors are the cadavers of brain studies and their works are the clones. libraries have copies and copies of people. people who are dead and people who are living.  this thought process is what lead me to create a blog.  so i could post little bits of me and one day there could be an entire copy of me, or infinite copies of me for others to see. maybe you'd like to read this:
peer into ink and paper minds
disect the brains of the poet cadavers.
copies of books
right from the press
clones of human nature
distributed to the masses
added to the shelves
these copies in time
paper thin, full of lines
faces, fonts, duplicated spines.
steal from the storehouse
peruse the clones
stuck ageless in a forever mine.
read their thoughts
words of a people
a person between the covers.
i'm an author. i am a clone.

shrug. day one of blog. completed.