Friday, July 15, 2011


cloning people is an odd concept. sometimes i think about it. and to me, books are clones of people.  authors are the cadavers of brain studies and their works are the clones. libraries have copies and copies of people. people who are dead and people who are living.  this thought process is what lead me to create a blog.  so i could post little bits of me and one day there could be an entire copy of me, or infinite copies of me for others to see. maybe you'd like to read this:
peer into ink and paper minds
disect the brains of the poet cadavers.
copies of books
right from the press
clones of human nature
distributed to the masses
added to the shelves
these copies in time
paper thin, full of lines
faces, fonts, duplicated spines.
steal from the storehouse
peruse the clones
stuck ageless in a forever mine.
read their thoughts
words of a people
a person between the covers.
i'm an author. i am a clone.

shrug. day one of blog. completed.

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