Friday, November 11, 2011

hourglass. lookingglass. timepassed.

oh time, how you are always and now. how you set stereotypes and control my appearance. an appropriate time for new hobbies would be after retirement(so time would have us believe) when i recently took up drawing [portraits, abstract, and random such sketches] i felt like i must be retired.  however. it still stands that i am not retired. i have a job. i would like two jobs. so, i suppose i've broken the stereotype of age.  shrug. mostly i just feel re-tired. i age a little everyday and every night on my way to sleep, i suddenly have ambition and motivation. i am an artist, a writer, i take up water aerobics (okay..maybe not that) ...twenty minutes later,  i feel re-tired. so i sleep. next morning. i arise, go to work and feel at-tired.
this song reminds me of the passing of time. it fits the mood of this post, and the tune of a music box.  

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