Wednesday, September 5, 2012

mercury mingle ( my thoughts)

i want to start writing again. i'm not sure how. i'm not sure there is a set method aside from just putting pen to paper. (i never use pencil.)  criticism is always nice. 
attempt one:

Everything is a cirlce so, there is no point
to anything.

in retrospect we are so fast,
the future slips us by.

lets slow, stop, sleep
one sheep, two sheep,
be a lullaby of the past.
eyelids, shades, blinds:
dark. a sort of underpass of light.

remember birthday wish candles, torches,
burning trees.
age counted in the number of rings, symbols of forever
sawed down
put into paper machine, guns; lead bullet points used
to help ideas sink
in anchored ideals.

harvesting perception,
packed up, shipped away, burried.
silver stitched lines in wafting
clouds of thoughts
sown. reaped.
life cycle complete
steel scythe, chop.
mundane little naught.

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